DC's New Catwoman Debuts a Stunning Costume

With Selina Kyle imprisoned in Gotham County Corrections, new Catwoman Eiko Hasigawa steps as much as patrol Alleytown in a brand new costume in Catwoman #51.

Eiko’s garb, which will be seen in full in Nico Leon’s variant cowl for Catwoman #51, incorporates points of Selina’s iconic costume. The black leather-based, whip and cat ears stay intact, although Eiko’s masks is rather more harking back to the outsized Catwoman cowl in 2004’s The Batman cartoon sequence. The outfit additionally has a brand new diploma of deadliness to it, with Eiko sporting a katana and a pair of kunai. Dario Tomasso — a sidekick of Catwoman’s often known as Tomcat — chides Eiko for her alternative of weaponry, telling her that if she’s too apparent, observers will rapidly get the concept she’s not Selina Kyle. “I did not agree to play the part of Selina Kyle, Dario,” Eiko remarks in response. “I agreed to play the part of Catwoman.”

DC’s All-New Cat Burglar

Eiko first appeared in 2014’s Catwoman #35. The heiress of the Hasigawa yakuza household and an outdated flame of Selina’s, Eiko first donned her makeshift catsuit in 2015’s Catwoman Annual #2. She and Selina united to place Gotham’s crime households to work doing good, and when Selina ended up in jail on the finish of Catwoman #50, Eiko was adamant that Alleytown wanted a protector in her absence. “We’ll watch these streets while Selina is gone,” she mentioned to Dario. “There’ll be no alley without a cat.”

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Selina’s jail stint resulted after she killed her most up-to-date lover, Valmont, after he got here to blows with Batman in Catwoman #50. The two males have been aiding Selina in a struggle towards Punchline and the Royal Flush Gang, and after Valmont killed Amygdala and threatened to do the identical with the Joker’s girlfriend, Batman determined to place him down. Catwoman stopped Valmont from delivering a loss of life blow as Batman was busy saving her from a constructing collapse. Her stabbing strike inadvertently triggered Valmont to bleed out, and Selina proceeded to take the autumn for his homicide.

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