Dan Jurgens Gives MAFEX's Cyborg Superman Figure His Rare Seal of ApprovalDan Jurgens Gives Mafex's Cyborg Superman Figure His Rare Seal of Approval

Dan Jurgens gave his official stamp of approval to a fan buying MAFEX’s Cyborg Superman motion determine, stating that it did his unique design for the character proper.

“Approved,” Jurgens tweeted in response to Twitter person @toyjawn1, who wrote that Cyborg Superman was the primary toy buy of 2023. “And I’m often disappointed in how my character designs turn out as action figures.” In response to the tweet, one other Twitter person shared pictures of MAFEX’s Return of Superman determine, which exhibits Kal-El within the all-black costume that he donned when he emerged from the useless. “They’ve used my artwork throughout,” Jurgens said, commenting on the determine’s poses. “Both a bit weird and fun to see.”

Cyborg Superman’s History

Jurgens and Brett Breedings had been the chief architects behind the complete “Death of Superman” saga of the Nineteen Nineties, which noticed the Man of Steel defeated by the monstrous Doomsday and reborn because of the ability of Kryptonian expertise. While Kal-El was presumed useless, 4 alternate Supermen emerged. These ranged from the Eradicator (a Kryptonian vigilante who was keen to kill criminals) and Steel (who solely wished to honor the Man of Steel’s legacy) to Superboy (a clone of the unique Superman). The most infamous was Cyborg Superman, who additionally gave the impression to be the true Kal-El however with robotic elements.

It was quickly revealed that Cyborg Superman was really an astronaut named Hank Henshaw who suffered a psychological and bodily breakdown after an accident in house. Henshaw allied with Mongul and masqueraded as Cyborg Superman, wreaking havoc in Metropolis within the Man of Steel’s absence and ultimately contributing to the destruction of Coast City, the then-hometown of Green Lantern Hal Jordan.

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