Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Is Sword Art Online as a Capitalist Nightmare

On the floor, Netflix’s Cyberpunk: Edgerunners and the traditional isekai journey Sword Art Online won’t have a lot in frequent. However, the bottom premise of each exhibits is greater than a bit of comparable.

While Sword Art Online transports its principal forged into digital actuality to create an immersive dying recreation expertise, Edgerunners doesn’t need to go to any such lengths. Based on the Cyberpunk 2077 online game, its story is ready within the futuristic Night City; a capitalist dystopia the place wealth finally decides who lives and who dies.

Even although Sword Art Online gamers had been trapped within the recreation with out their consent, their destinies inside the recreation had been left solely as much as them. Those who selected to might reside informal lives in digital actuality. In-game spouses and households had been frequent, in addition to gamers who opted for roles historically reserved for NPCs similar to blacksmiths, merchants, cooks and so on. Of course, there have been additionally gamers who devoted their all to clearing Sword Art Online. This elite group was often known as the Frontliners.

Cyberpunk’s closest equal to Sword Art Online’s Frontliners can be Edgerunners, the collective title given to a bunch of mercenaries that function completely in Night City. Like the Frontliners, Edgerunners reside in fixed hazard — however for a distinct purpose. In the latter’s fast-paced world, the distinctions between buddy and foe are as changeable because the climate. To assist their survival in these brutal circumstances, Edgerunners opted for high-tech physique modifications that reworked them into battle-ready cyborgs. Battles between Edgerunners had been usually determined by whose bionic prosthetics had been superior so basically, these physique enhancements are the sequence’ energy system.

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