Chainsaw Man: Makima’s Appearance Plays Into Her Deception

Since Chainsaw Man‘s manga debut in 2018, Makima has made an notorious identify for herself. Renowned for her evil and misleading nature, the chief of Public Safety is one in all anime’s most terrifying antagonists, conserving each character weary of her potential — even the stony Captain Kishibe. Most notably, Makima has by no means hesitated to benefit from her friends and subordinates for her profit, significantly the younger Denji, CSM’s protagonist.

Following a grand reveal in chapter 75, Makima’s manipulative character gained extra clarification. Since then, queries and doubts surrounding her look and identification have circulated, and rightfully so. Many imagine this to be a plothole within the anime, however this isn’t the case. Makima is just not who she was believed to be, however who, or what, truly is she?RELATED: Chainsaw Man Is Perfect for the Mortal Kombat Treatment

Fiends, whereas related, are extra beastly and fewer human. These are Devils who’ve taken over human corpses as a final resort for survival and are sometimes differentiated by how they appear. Most have a peculiar head form, resembling Beam, the Shark Fiend. Fiends’ appearances do not change like a hybrid, they’re all the time of their half-Devil-half-human kind.

Devils, nonetheless, are a race of supernatural entities with no human kinship. They are born of human fears, and their look at the least vaguely resembles these horrors. This is the place Makima is available in, and why her existence is all the time questioned. Makima is the Control Devil, however seems to be fully human. She has no set off like Hybrids, no devilish options like Fiends, and would not appear to resemble the distorted bodily embodiment of a selected concern, however she is little question a bona fide Devil.RELATED: Chainsaw Man’s Kobeni May Be Annoying, But She Plays an Important Role

Makima is a satan who embodies the concern of management, as confirmed when her identification was revealed in Chapter 75 when the President of the United States made a contract with the Gun Devil in an try to kill her. Devils nearly all the time have an eerie look, designed to instill nervousness in those that are unfortunate sufficient to return throughout them. They are a species to be feared, and each their personalities and appears cement this sentiment. However, because the Control Devil, Makima’s human look is crucial to her function.

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