Spider-Man 2099 Slays Classic Marvel Monsters in New Dystopian Horror Series

A new dystopian horror series is pitting Spider-Man 2099 against some of Marvel’s classic monsters. It’s been a big year for Miguel O’Hara, best known as Spider-Man 2099. His major film debut in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse saw him gain even more popularity among fans with his massive Spider-Society in Nueva York, and in comics, … Read more

Naruto: The Only Villain Naruto Uzumaki Kills In The Entire Series

WARNING: The following contains SPOILERS for Naruto and Boruto.Despite defeating many a villain, Naruto‘s title character directly kills just one person in both the original series and Shippuden. Set in a world of warring ninja nations with otherworldly powers, it’s no surprise that Naruto is violent and has included its share of blood, gore, and … Read more

Wolverine's Dark Phoenix Upgrade Makes His Adamantium Claws 10 Times More Deadly

Warning: contains spoilers for Jean Grey #2The X-Men’s iconic Wolverine, known for his deadly adamantium claws and berserker rage, just got a horrific power upgrade courtesy of the destructive Phoenix Force. Through a simple tweak of history in Jean Grey #2, Marvel has shown the twisted power that Logan would obtain had he become possessed … Read more