Bungo Stray Dogs: Ranpo Solves a Murder Case But Learns a Tough Lesson

With the conclusion of the ‘case throughout the case’ homicide thriller, Bungo Stray Dogs lastly brings its backstory arc to an in depth. In Season 4, Episode 3, Ranpo skillfully reveals the plot behind the theater case and manages to defeat the one that orchestrated the entire thing.

However, to seize the particular person answerable for it, Ranpo places himself in a weak place, successfully risking his life. While Fukuzawa manages to avoid wasting him simply in time, Ranpo receives a well-deserved scolding from the older man, studying a troublesome lesson that teaches him “what’s important.”

In the automotive that must be directed to the police station, Ranpo proves to Officer Mitamura that he actually is a gifted particular person. The viewers already is aware of that Mitamura is definitely abducting Ranpo, however it’s unclear whether or not Ranpo does as effectively. He goes together with the plan, apparently disinterested in his personal destiny.

Once Ranpo and Mitamura arrive on the empty warehouse that capabilities as a safehouse, Ranpo’s intentions are lastly revealed. Through performing and taunting, he succeeds in extracting info out of Mitamura in addition to stalling for time till Fukuzawa bursts in and saves him. With this, Ranpo’s transformation is lastly full — as soon as scared by individuals and his personal distinction from others, Ranpo is now utilizing all of the tips in his arsenal to win no matter struggle he’s in. It’s due to him that the group behind the theater case, ‘V,’ is found.

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