A Classic Spider-Man Villain Levels-Up to Murder Miles Morales

Scorpion will get a deadly set of powered-up armor from a mysterious benefactor in Miles Morales: Spider-Man #2, and instantly makes use of it to go on the offensive towards Brooklyn’s webslinger.

“Trial By Spider, Part Two” sees Miles teaming up with Misty Knight to analyze a sequence of knowledge heart robberies. The pair briefly spot a gang of would-be thieves however, upon breaking right into a constructing to cease them, they discover one of many perpetrators stabbed to demise. Scorpion instantly reveals himself, boasting a powered-up swimsuit considerably paying homage to the character’s appearances in Marvel’s now-defunct Ultimate Universe.

Scorpion’s Mysterious Benefactor

“I should thank you before I kill ya; ’cause of you, I was able to get these nice, new upgrades, free of charge,” Scorpion yells as he goes on the offensive, referencing a earlier struggle with Miles from Miles Morales: Spider-Man #1. “Little birdie said all I had to do was put you in the dirt! Misty Knight being here is just a bonus!”

Scorpion would not go as far as to disclose who his “little birdie” is, however the earlier situation of the sequence additionally confirmed the Bumbler — usually a comparatively innocent supervillain wannabe — boasting unusually highly effective gear. Miles Morales: Spider-Man #2 additionally ends with Starling, Miles’ often-frustrated beau, going through down an attacker sporting high-tech armor with a bunch of drones at her facet.

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