5 Iconic Marvel Characters Who Debuted In Comic Events

The heroes of the Marvel universe are at the moment coping with the return of the extremely highly effective being often called The Beyonder. He first made his debut within the unique Secret Wars occasion, which kicked off Marvel’s ongoing line-wide cycle of crossovers. However, The Beyonder wasn’t the one iconic character to debut in a Marvel occasion through the years.

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5 The Beyonder Entered The Galaxy During Secret Wars

The first Secret Wars occasion noticed a choose group of heroes and villains transported throughout the galaxy by a strong new cosmic being. The Beyonder created a patchwork planet from different civilizations that he known as Battleworld for the final word take a look at of fine and evil.

Beyonder was essentially the most highly effective being that Marvel’s heroes had ever encountered. He got here from past the universe and was ultimately revealed to be an toddler member of a strong race of Beyonders. His debut in Secret Wars jumpstarted Marvel’s cycle of occasions that continues to unite heroes collectively to tackle more and more highly effective threats.

The X-Men are one in every of Marvel’s hottest hero groups, which suggests they’ve carried fairly a couple of occasions through the years. The Inferno occasion noticed the debut of characters like Wiz-Kid, although it was the ‘90s Phalanx Covenant that bolstered the mutant’s ranks.

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