13 Marvel Characters Who Could Beat Goku From Dragon Ball Z

Goku is the best hero of the assorted Dragon Ball collection. He’s one in every of anime’s most well-known heroes and has a legion of followers. The highly effective Saiyan hero has battled in opposition to a few of the most devastating threats in anime historical past, and plenty of of his followers imagine him to be unbeatable.

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13/13 Molecule Man Could Unravel Goku At A Molecular Level

Updated on January seventh, 2023 by David Harth: Goku is a strong hero, one who has saved his universe many occasions. He’s probably the most highly effective and expert fighter amongst beings whose complete lives are battle. While there are lots of denizens of the Marvel Universe he would crush, a lot would have the ability to put up a battle in opposition to him that might shock him. There are extra characters within the Marvel Universe who can beat Goku than meets the attention.

Marvel is stuffed with characters with cool powers, however some go above and past cool. That’s Owen Reece in a nutshell. Known because the Molecule Man, Reece can have an effect on issues on a molecular stage. Basically a god, Reece can management the constructing blocks of creation, making them do something he must them. He’s even gone toe to toe with the Beyonder and walked away.

Goku’s bodily energy is far better than Molecule Man’s, however Owen Reece has by no means received a battle as a result of he can battle effectively. Goku is an honorable man; he solely goes all out in opposition to enemies he is aware of are harmful. He can beat Molecule Man with one punch, however he’d by no means have an opportunity. Molecule Man can create impenetrable drive fields and can unravel the Saiyan with a thought.

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