10 Worst Trends In Modern Comics

Comic books have all the time been topic to various traits, norms and tropes which have outlined every totally different period in a sure manner. This has ranged from the wacky storytelling of the Silver Age to the extra critical tales of the Bronze Age that attempted to attach comics to actual life. Each pattern has its heyday and its place within the business, however there are some present ones which have undoubtedly outstayed their welcome.

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In the Nineteen Seventies and 80s, Stan Lee was aggressively pushing to take Marvel to Hollywood, particularly within the wake of successes like Superman. However, few might have imagined on the time that the concentrate on getting IP became films may very well be unhealthy for the comedian business.

Now, with streaming companies like Netflix having some success adapting comedian books into films, everyone seems to be attempting to get in on it – particularly indies. The drawback right here is that the comics themselves do not make full use of the medium. They can really feel restrained and muted, not dwelling as much as the potential the medium permits.

In the earliest days of comedian books, virtually all points and tales can be brief and self-contained. There was nonetheless an ongoing narrative between books, however there was a objective to make the sequence as accessible to new readers as potential. As many creators have famous, any comedian could be a fan’s first comedian.

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