10 Worst DC Comics Fridgings, Ranked

Violence towards ladies has lengthy been used as a plot gadget in media, typically to encourage male characters, although comedian books make particularly frequent use of it. In 1999, Gail Simone coined the time period “Women in Refrigerators,” for this phenomenon, particularly making reference to a 1994 Green Lantern concern wherein the villain Major Force murders Alex DeWitt, and her boyfriend, Kyle Rayner, finds her physique within the fridge. Alex’s homicide shouldn’t be solely gratuitous in its violence, but it surely facilities Rayner by motivating his story.

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No matter her incarnation, the Aquagirl Tula is sort of all the time fridged. Originally, she dies by poisoning when the villain Chemo contaminates the water the place she is swimming throughout Crisis on Infinite Earths.

More lately, Tula dies in Young Justice (2010-). Initially, her dying appears to be an ordinary fridging. She dies off-screen, pushing Kaldur’ahm’s Aqualad to stop the Team and be a part of forces with the person he learns is his organic father, Black Manta. Viewers be taught that Kaldur is definitely deep undercover in his father’s group, suggesting his selections aren’t essentially a results of shedding Tula. Meanwhile, Tula’s reminiscence is honored as a sacrifice alongside fellow heroes Jason Todd and Ted Kord.

Dinah Lance’s kidnapping and torture, recounted within the first concern of Green Arrow vol. 2, understandably has a profound impression on her psyche. Unlike different characters with related psychological well being situations following their respective traumas, although (corresponding to Barbara Gordon’s), it fairly actually is not Dinah’s story — it is Green Arrow’s.

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