10 Ways The MCU Perfected The Representation of Strong Women

The MCU has not at all times inspired essentially the most various and correct illustration of ladies in its movies. However, exhibits like She-Hulk: Attorney At Law and movies like Doctor Strange: In The Multiverse of Madness have allowed Marvel to strategy a brand new age of various, highly effective feminine portrayal.

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10/10 Nebula Started Off As A Villain And Became A Strong Ally

Though Gamora is the fan favourite of Thanos’ daughters, Nebula had a notable redemption arc. While Gamora discovered mates that turned her away from her darkish adoptive father, Nebula remained largely alone within the universe, decided to earn the respect of the one particular person she thought cared about her.

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Despite her dedication to show that she was worthy of Thanos’ love, she ultimately modified sides and have become one in every of Thanos’ most devoted enemies in Endgame. Nebula had one of many MCU’s most admirable villain-to-hero arcs, overcoming her doubts about her self-worth and deciding to do one thing good together with her talents.

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