10 Things DC Does Better Than Marvel

DC and Marvel have loved a pleasant rivalry that has lasted the just about eight many years the 2 have been in print. Fans and creators alike have famous the contrasting tones, types, and universes. The variations between the 2 publishers are important sufficient to draw completely different followers, relying on their pursuits.

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10/10 DC’s Horror Comics Have Historically Been Much Better Than Marvel’s

Both DC Comics and Marvel have a powerful historical past in horror comics. From the basic horror collection like Fear and House of Secrets to fashionable tales like Marvel Zombies and DCeased, the Big Two have a powerful horror presence. However, DC comes out on high of the style.

DC Comics has devoted imprints like Vertigo and Black Label, which concentrate on genres like horror. As a consequence, collection like Hellblazer and Saga of the Swamp Thing delve deeper into the stuff of nightmares and depart Marvel behind.

Historically, the Big Two have seen a terrific vary of writers and artists come and go. These have included legends like Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Gardner Fox, Siegel & Shuster, Kane & Finger and Len Wein. The fashionable period of comics have been way more favorable to DC Comics writers.

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