10 Most Fashionable DC Heroes, Ranked

Fashion might not be on the forefront of readers’ minds once they open a comic book ebook, however the clothes heroes and villains alike put on is instrumental to an individual’s notion of them. These characters aren’t all the time appreciators of advantageous trend themselves, however they’re undeniably modern because of the proficient artists who design them.

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Hellblazer John Constantine might not be identified for his multitude of snazzy outfits, however the one outfit readers see him constantly put on is fashionable and understated. A darkish go well with, trench coat, and signature crimson tie exemplifies his need to maintain his clothes easy and tasteful.

The outfit presents a genteel entrance, to masks Constantine’s brash character and road good methods. While Constantine is not one for exploring new outfits, his typical look has develop into the occultist’s signature look and is immediately recognizable.

Known for her stage magician’s outfit comprising fishnets, a waistcoat, jacket, and high hat, Zatanna wows readers with each cowl and web page she is featured on. Zatanna does not simply seize the style highlight in DC’s comics, she additionally does so in DC’s line of youth graphic novels, the place she sports activities outfits extra applicable to a Gen Z viewers.

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