10 Most Controversial DC Teams

The solely factor higher than superheroes are superhero groups. When written and drawn proper, a superhero staff might maximize every particular person hero’s traits and encourage memorable interactions. DC Comics understood this completely, they usually created among the most iconic and legendary staff in comedian ebook historical past.

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The Silver Age is finest identified for introducing the superhero style’s silliest concepts. The Legion of Super-Pets had been typical of this period, however even they had been an excessive amount of by the Silver Age’s campy requirements. The Legion of Super-Pets united numerous superheroes’ pet sidekicks. They debuted in 1962 however had been exiled from canon in 1986.

The solely factor controversial concerning the Legion of Super-Pets was their disproportionate backlash and notoriety. Krypto and his staff had been mocked and reviled a lot that DC successfully buried them. Fans additionally handled them like a punchline for the longest time. It wasn’t till DC Rebirth that the Super-Pets had been seen once more.

Section 8 debuted throughout Garth Ennis and John McCrea’s Hitman, so it is unsurprising that they seem to be a staff of juvenile caricatures. Section 8’s powers both did not make sense, or had been simply there for shock worth. For instance, Sixpack was powered by alcoholism, and Bueno Excellente’s “ability” was sexual assault.

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