10 Marvel Villains Motivated By Love

Marvel Comics has a number of the strongest, charismatic, and intriguing villains inside its comedian guide universe. Some fiends are dead-set on destroying planets for enjoyable, and others are decided to rule the galaxies as a result of they’ve an timeless starvation for energy.

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10/10 Doctor Doom’s Villainy Began With His Love For His Mother

Victor Von Doom is presented with a superb thoughts. Doctor Doom earned a fame as one of many smartest mortal minds on the planet, having went to highschool with the likes of Reed Richards, who he typically debated theories with. Doctor Doom’s mom, Cynthia, had dabbled in magic and darkness, finally resulting in her dying by Mephisto’s hand.

Motivated by his love for her, Doctor Doom tried to construct a machine so he might save his mom from Mephisto. Doom’s plan backfired, and the experiment altered his bodily look. This tragedy led Victor Von Doom down a darkish path of villainy.

Magneto is an iconic character in Marvel Comics. Born right into a German-Jewish household within the Twenties, Magneto had seen his fair proportion of hardship, being the one survivor of his household underneath the Nazi regime. Years after escaping, an indignant mob burned his dwelling to the bottom, killing his daughter inside and unleashing his mutant powers.

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