10 Indie Supervillains Who Would Be Better In DC Comics

Marvel and DC Comics do not have an oligopoly on supervillains. Of course, among the most iconic supervillains are from the massive two, however because the Golden Age, unbiased publishers have been round, discovering the most effective new expertise and telling breakthrough tales. Even within the superhero style, there have been unbelievable characters.

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Mark Millar’s titular villain, Nemesis, would not draw from DC’s Prometheus. That villain debuted in Grant Morrison’s JLA however existed as extra of an anti-Batman. While the idea of Nemesis is Batman behaving just like the Joker, the character could be very grounded, if not diabolical.

Nemesis is an eccentric billionaire who commits crimes on a brutal stage, exhibiting unstoppable he’s. His grandiose scheme includes kidnapping the President of the United States, unleashing poison gasoline within the Pentagon, and paying off a selected cop’s companion whereas terrorizing that cop’s household. Nemesis has been lately rebooted, promising extra ultra-violent crimes from the white-garbed villain.

Titan appeared like a employed superhuman goon when he was one of many first supervillains Invincible stopped. He later satisfied Invincible and Atom Eve that he was working for the crime lord Machine Head to repay his father’s debt. He and Invincible went to take down Machine Head and received crushed down.

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