10 Greediest Marvel Heroes

Greed is not a high quality individuals count on from their heroes. Most of the heroes within the Marvel Comics universe do the proper factor simply because it is morally proper, with none expectation of reward. However, there are nonetheless some who handle to do the proper factor whereas looking for their very own pursuits.

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10 Rocket Raccoon Is In It For The Units

The whole Guardians of the Galaxy group may in all probability qualify as grasping heroes, however Rocket outshines all of them. Whenever revenue is on the road, Rocket will likely be chasing it in any respect however essentially the most dire prices. Recently, he was noticed in X-Men comics at Gameworld–an intergalactic on line casino the place individuals may guess on the fates of whole planets, which have been then manipulated and generally destroyed.

Although Rocket is pushed closely by his want for revenue, he additionally has a kinder aspect. He clearly cares about different individuals beneath his gruff exterior. He was handled extraordinarily badly by others previously, so he has his defenses manner up, however Rocket does nice issues when mandatory.

Many of the greediest heroes skirt the road between hero and villain, and Felicia Hardy, or the Black Cat, is a first-rate instance. Felicia started her costumed profession as a thief, the place she first met Spider-Man. She felt an prompt attraction to the Webbed Wonder, which inspired her to show her life round.

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