10 DC Villains With Unforgettably Bad Names

DC Comics has been including supervillains to its roster since 1939. However, their first superhuman unhealthy man was the Ultra-Humanite and that bizarre alternative set a precedent for questionable villain names that the corporate’s doubled-down on for many years.

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Today, the Ultra-Humanite is called the genius who transplanted his mind right into a white-furred ape’s physique however when he was launched within the Golden Age of comics, he was a brilliant-but-feeble previous man. The tremendous genius was the primary Superman foe to actually give The Man of Steel a problem, and he helped comics transfer previous racketeers and villainous landlords and into the age of supervillainy.

However, none of this helps the Ultra-Humanite’s title. Much like Lex Luthor likes to, he declared himself the last word expression of human potential when he was launched. However, it is apparent he was attempting to make “fetch” occur. “Humanite” did not imply something in 1939 and it nonetheless would not.

Brainiac’s one in every of Superman’s deadliest foes and whereas Egghead premiered within the 1966 Batman TV collection, portrayed by Vincent Price, he is since made quite a few appearances within the comics. While they’re each tremendous geniuses identified for giving DC’s best heroes entire worlds of hassle, neither one has any expertise for creating intimidating names.

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