10 DC Planets We Want To See More Of

DC Comics incorporates a wide-reaching and expansive universe that encompasses many worlds and species. These planets every have their very own distinctive histories and life types, all of that are fascinating in their very own proper. The DCU is overwhelmingly set on Earth, so it is comprehensible that the broader DC universe sees much less exploration than many followers would really like.

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Originally the house of the Justice League’s Martian Manhunter, Mars is a planet steeped in tragedy within the DCU. The as soon as closely populated crimson planet inhabitants was destroyed and J’onn J’onzz is normally regarded as his world’s sole survivor, a lot as Superman was with Krypton.

More tales that discover Martian historical past, even within the years earlier than J’onzz’s existence, may very well be fascinating. Just as readers have not seen sufficient of Krypton, the Manhunter from Mars’ house has loads of territory for writers to discover. That crimson soil is fertile floor to develop new tales in.

Mogo is DC’s sentient planet and, because it occurs, a robust Green Lantern. The sentient world has the flexibility to change its personal floor exercise as a method of self-defense. Despite being an superior concept, Mogo is usually lowered to a cameo character who’s pulled in when all else fails for the GLC.

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