10 DC Heroes With Too Many Aliases

Alter egos and secret identities are essential for a lot of heroes to guard their family members and themselves from their enemies. The heroes of DC Comics have earned many memorable titles and accolades all through their careers, however there are those that might stand to let just a few titles go. When beloved heroes die, disappear, or retire, heroes new and acquainted usually step as much as keep on the legacy. When these lifeless heroes inevitably return, they’re left with one other entry of their record of identified aliases.

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Morpheus, like his siblings, embodies a perform of nature and isn’t essentially a superhero, however he aligns with many in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, meddling of their affairs for goodness sake alone. He’s pushed by the identical sense of ethical responsibility that drives heroes to motion within the face of injustice and may thus be counted amongst them.

Everything that desires perceives the Dream Lord as one in every of their very own form. Cats see the Dream Cat, Martians see L’zoril, Martian god of desires, and the completely different spiritual peoples of Earth see him as their respective Dream gods if their cultures have them. His identities are innumerable, and there are too many for a mortal to probably know all of them.

Superman’s Pal has seen lots of adjustments in his lengthy historical past as a assist character, a lot of them incomes him new nicknames. While most of them have been cheesy and short-lived, just a few of Jimmy Olsen’s transformations have had extra lasting results.

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