10 DC Characters Who Deserve A Horror Movie In The DCEU

DC has a proud historical past in relation to horror comics and characters. From its outdated anthology comics like House of Secrets to newer tales like Blackest Night, the writer is likely one of the finest names in horror comics. This fame ought to stay true even within the cinematic universe.

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History and archeology have confirmed their horror potential persistently by movies like The Mummy and Van Helsing. Although usually a extra restrained spin on horror pleasant to youthful audiences, this is able to be the right match of tone and style for Hawkman.

Hawkman and Hawkwoman have had their share of tangles with monsters, cosmic entities, and maniacal murderers. Ranging from their encounter with the Lord Beyond the Void to the Manticore, the Hawks and their quite a few artifacts are an effective way to introduce tales of horror.

Zatanna, very similar to fellow magicians John Constantine and Doctor Fate, specializes within the mystical and infrequently horrific facet of DC. As a member of the Justice League Dark and primary JLA, she has aided different heroes when preventing the supernatural threats.

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