10 Best End Of The World Comics, Ranked

Humans have at all times been fascinated with the apocalypse. Going again to historic historical past, the top of the world was simply as essential to many mythologies as its creation. But as storytelling advanced from oral myths to written poems and books, the apocalypse adopted alongside all the best way to the current day.

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The Terminator movies are famend as a number of the finest time journey motion pictures ever made, and but most of its expanded universe focuses on the apocalyptic future. Of all of those, Terminator: The Burning Earth is among the many most critically-acclaimed, written by Ron Fortier and that includes award-winning artist Alex Ross in his comedian debut.

The Future War is in its last days, and each the Resistance and Skynet are determined and taking drastic gambles to strike the killing blow first. Skynet plans to complete Judgment Day, carpet-bombing the world with nukes, and John Connor leads a near-suicidal strike on the Skynet mainframe. The dramatic pressure and pulse-pounding motion in a damaged world make the time-travel struggles all of the extra thrilling.

DCeased is among the darkest tales in all of DC Comics and sees the world destroyed by a zombie virus derived from the Anti-Life Equation infecting a lot of the heroes and villains. Written by Tom Taylor and with artwork by Trevor Hairsine and Stefano Guadiano, it options heartbreaking deaths, sacrifices, and emotional reckonings that tear via the DC universe.

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